5 Reasons Why Cleaning Drains Is Important

The average American household uses 300 gallons of water per day. 

If you don’t have clean drains, a good portion of this water can end up leaking into different areas of your home. Clogged drains are a huge problem that could easily be solved with regular drain cleaning.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 5 reasons why cleaning drains is important. It might not be the most enjoyable or exciting home maintenance project, but keep reading and you’ll understand why it’s necessary.

1. Better Drainage

When you perform regular drain cleaning with good drain cleaners and other household tools, you’ll notice water draining faster. There’s nothing worse than when you run the tap and end up with standing water. 

The more clogged a drain gets, the more this happens and the more annoying it is to unclog. If you leave it too long, you may end up requiring professional drain cleaning to restore your drains to working condition.

2. Preventing Smells

A buildup of food scraps and waste in your drain is guaranteed to lead to horrid smells coming from the sink. As the debris sits in the drain, the formation of mold and bacteria will occur within days. This is the real source of the awful smell.

The bad thing about bacteria and mold is that simply running water or a homemade solution through the drain isn’t enough. You’ll need to give it a thorough clean with more heavy-duty drain cleaners that can dissolve and wash away the spores.

3. No Leaks, Fewer Repairs

When mold and bacteria appear in your drain with standing water, your drain is going to end up corroding quickly. This is going to lead to leaks, which means you’ll have to get your pipes professionally repaired.

Cleaning your pipes on a regular basis will keep things running smoothly. You won’t have to pull your home apart to have your pipes repaired or replaced, which is going to save you big bucks in the short and long term.

4. Better Air Quality

Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, so indoor air quality is absolutely crucial to our health. When bacteria, mold, and even insects are in and around your clogged drain, they’re bound to seep into your home and affect your air quality.

Mold, in particular, can be very harmful to your respiratory health. If you’ve got allergies, bacteria and debris from insects can also lead to serious health issues. Keep your drains clean and you won’t have to worry about these things lowering your air quality.

5. Less Damage, More Longevity

Clean drains are less likely to cause water damage to your home. If you have leaking pipes, you’re bound to end up with water-damaged floors and walls. Repairing water damage can be quite costly, especially when you compare it to the low cost of regular drain cleaning.

Cleaning Drains Can Be Easy

The easy way to clean drains is to do it regularly before problems arise. Preventative maintenance is crucial, but we understand that it can be difficult to stay on top of cleaning drains. If you’ve got a clogged drain that you don’t know how to clean, it’s time to call in the pros.

At Port Orchard Plumbing, we offer drain cleaning and repair services for any level of clogging or damage. Contact us today to tell us about your problem and we’ll schedule you for service as soon as possible.